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It’s the 2nd book in our Law is for Everyone series.

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Check out our new video featuring Law Soup founder Tristan Blaine reading a bit from Law is Not for Lawyers (It’s for Everyone)



Yes, police brutality is illegal. But, clearly, significant reforms are needed.

Learn more about the current laws on policing at our Guide to Police Conduct.


Opinion: In Coronavirus Crisis, California and Other States Fully Assert Their Power (and Why I Love Federalism)


Coronavirus help: Law Soup is pleased to let you know about our partner Rocket Lawyer’s new Coronavirus Legal Center.

This is a FREE, one-stop resource that provides no-cost Attorney Q&A, legal documents and critical information to help business owners take advantage of government relief programs to protect their business and aid pursuant to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

For workers and families, there is guidance on FMLA, paid family leave & leave of absence answers for employees.

Also, we have compiled some basic info and resources related to Coronavirus here.

Freelancers have various options for funds and resources to help with Coronavirus related issues.

See our guide to Freelancers and the Coronavirus.


In this time of Coronavirus, the government is taking sweeping new actions to protect public health. Do they have the power to order everyone to quarantine? What else can or can’t they do?

See our guide to Can the Government Do That?


New Legal Resource for the San Francisco Bay, and more!

Law Soup SF is here! NYC is next. Then what? Read about our updates.



New Opinion Piece: Voting Should Come With a Warning Label

Voting for the primaries in the presidential election begins in February! Time to develop healthier voting habits.


Renters Rights: California has now become the 2nd state (after Oregon) to pass statewide rent control. What does it all this mean for your rent?

Check out our new Guide to Renters Rights.


Power of the People: Happy Constitution Day! Did you know: the U.S. Constitution is the oldest constitution currently in force in the world. It was finalized September 17, 1787. It’s looking pretty good for its age, but could use a little “freshening procedure” if you know what we mean. Our new 3-part series on the Power of the People tackles this issue.

Business & Consumers: Corporate America Says It Will Now Consider the Community in its Actions (What Took Them So Long?). Here’s what it means for the future of capitalism.


Social enterprise: The idea that corporations should take various interests into consideration is one of the basic tenets of social enterprise. See more at our Guide to Social Enterprise, B corps, Benefit Corps, and More.


Your money: Are you getting money from the Equifax settlement? Make sure you’re getting compensated in all these other ways too: 7 Easy Ways to Make or Save Money by Exercising Your Legal Rights.



New Post: Most Americans Can’t Afford a Lawyer. Here’s How YOU Can Get Help.



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