2023 Tax Day Moves to October for California, Georgia, Alabama

For most Americans, 2023 Tax Day (to file 2022 taxes) is April 18. But most people in California, and many in Georgia and Alabama as well, don’t have to file OR pay their 2022 taxes until October 16, 2023. This is because the IRS has granted an automatic 6-month extension to these taxpayers to provide some relief from hardship due to storms and other natural disasters. But even if you didn’t personally experience any hardship, you still qualify for extension merely by living in these areas.

This should make your April less… taxing.

See more at the IRS website.

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Can’t Taxpayers Already File for a 6-Month Extension Every Year?

Yes, but this extension doesn’t require taxpayers to file anything in order to get an extension. And more importantly, typical 6-month extensions still require you to pay any taxes owed by the April deadline, and then file the paperwork later. This special tax relief allows you to push payments out 6 months as well!

Although if you are an employee who has taxes deducted every paycheck, you’ve probably already paid what you owe throughout the year. Delayed payment deadlines mostly helps business owners and self-employed people who generally don’t pay the full tax amount owed until tax day.

Do I Need to Prove That I Have Been Affected By the Storms?

No, the tax relief applies to all taxpayers within the counties identified by the IRS. This includes almost all counties in California, as well as 7 counties in Georgia, and 2 counties in Alabama.

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