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Law Soup™ is the laws you need to know, in edible form.

Law Soup Media explains the law, simply. We tell you what you need to know about legal rights and duties, civics and our government, and how it all works (or doesn’t). This information empowers you to take charge of your life and to make a positive impact on society. Law Soup Media provides this information through a variety of innovative and engaging resources, including web content, books and ebooks, a chatbot, and events and workshops.

Law Soup Media is owned and operated by Tristan Blaine via a benefit corporation, The Enlightenment Co. We are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment, while also being financially self-sustaining. Your support helps us accomplish both of these goals.

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We are proud to be a member of the Justice Technology Association!

JTA includes companies and programs that create technology solutions helping people navigate legal matters to foster hope, independence, and self-empowerment to contribute to a fairer legal system.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Law Soup free?

Yes. At Law Soup we work hard to answer the most common questions for free. Browse our Legal Guides or search our sites.

If you can’t find an answer, your issue may be more complicated. Our partner LegalShield has lawyers ready to answer your question for just $24.95 per month!

How does Law Soup make money?

We love transparency. We also believe in having a financially sustainable business model, while helping as many people as possible. As a social enterprise, this is what Law Soup is all about.

Law Soup currently makes a small profit through book sales; sales of merch, organic cotton t-shirts, tote bags; workshops and other events; partnerships and affiliates (with deals!); and advertising. Thank you for supporting our mission to democratize the law!

How can Law Soup improve my life?

Law Soup aims to change the way people understand and relate to the laws that impact us all. Because when you know your rights as a citizen (or even non-citizen), you can stand up to those who would deny you these rights. You may even feel confident enough to confront challenges you have never felt comfortable facing.

When you know your responsibilities towards others and towards society, you will likely feel the need to make some changes – either you will change your behavior to comply with the law, or you may feel the law is unfair and work to change it.

We want to help you become more proactive with your rights and responsibilities. Many people treat law in a reactive way, meaning that only after a person is sued, wants to sue someone, or is cited or arrested by the government will that person attempt to learn the law relevant to that situation. Law Soup aims to change that, so that knowing the law becomes a proactive undertaking. Because when you are proactive and you know your rights and obligations, you can either prevent many problematic situations, or deal with them appropriately at the time they are occurring.

Like eating a delicious, warm bowl of soup, this website delivers nutritious information that can improve your “legal health” and could very well improve your overall wellbeing.

Does Law Soup tell me everything I need to know about the law? Does it substitute for an attorney?

Simply, no. Law Soup does not cover ALL of the law, but instead presents a “curated” set of key laws that likely affect you most. Much of law is complicated and cannot be easily explained in brief, and there are often details or exceptions that could make a general rule inapplicable to your situation. However, our aim is to “boil down” the law as much as possible and give you some basic, hard rules that you can use and apply immediately, as well as access to outside resources that can provide you with more in depth information.

We are not a law firm and we do NOT provide legal advice as to any specific situation, only general legal information. This information will help you answer the question do I need a lawyerIf you do, we can direct you to find a great lawyer to help you out. See more at our Terms of Use.

Why should I trust Law Soup to give me accurate legal information? 

Wherever possible, we cite and link to the source of the law (in the footnotes), so you can read the exact language yourself!

However, if you have a complex situation with serious consequences at stake, you should not rely solely on Law Soup, and we urge you to find a lawyer.

How does Law Soup compare to other legal information sites?

Most other legal information sites will tell you about an area of law in general, but Law Soup points to specific laws, and cites them so you can check up on us. We also organize laws in a way that makes sense to you, by the various roles you may have in life, like parent, pet owner, driver, employee, etc.

Does Law Soup feature laws for every location in the U.S.?

Law Soup aims to deliver location-specific legal information for as many people as possible. Because laws differ from city to city as well as state to state, we are working on creating dedicated sites for many locations throughout the country (e.g. Law Soup LA, Law Soup SF, Law Soup California, Law Soup NY (in progress), etc). Laws which apply across the country (federal law), are found here on Law Soup.org.

Our missionjustice

Law Soup aims to promote legal literacy, and to provide a fun and accessible way for people to learn their rights and responsibilities under the law and to empower people to participate in the democratic process. In doing so, we promote access to justice, advance the public’s understanding of the law, and help build a more just society that works for everyone.


By accessing the Law Soup sites and associated social media, you are agreeing to the terms found in the Terms of Use (also sometimes called Terms of Service) and on this page.

Disclaimer: Law Soup is not a law firm & does not give legal advice

Law Soup is NOT a law firm. We are not associated with any particular law firm. This site does not give legal advice, only general information. That means we explain select laws, but we do not tell you how they might apply to your situation. We do not provide answers about any specific case or situation. Please do not ask us.

No attorney-client relationship between you and any of the attorneys contributing to Law Soup is formed by any of the following: your accessing of the site, reading the information, or any form of communication through the Law Soup site or associated social media platforms.

We aim to provide a starting point where you can be informed enough to know whether you should seek legal advice or not. Many times your inquiry will end here. Other times, you will have a complex situation which this website cannot answer. Helping you with your situation is the job of a lawyer, and if you have a complex case, we urge you to Find a Lawyer.

In no instance will we be held legally responsible in any way for your reliance on any information on Law Soup, or for the actions or advice of any attorney you may engage through the links on this site.

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