Reviews of Law Soup

Here are some reviews of the Law Soup website, chatbot, and books. If you have some feedback for us, please contact us.

General reviews:

“Thank you for creating a cool tool–finding legal help, especially as a beginner in the business world who doesn’t even know all of which questions are important to ask quite yet, has been intimidating, so your site makes me hopeful! :)”
– Alex Muck,


“I really have enjoyed Law Soup. It is a wonderful tool that provides such comprehensive information on an easy to use platform. I would highly recommend the service to anyone looking for and new and simple way to get legal information.”
– Katelyn McCormack


“I really appreciate it because there’s a lot of useful information available on your site.”
– Staci G.


“ has a great overview of what entrepreneurs and business owners need to know, but really, it could answer legal questions that pretty much anyone has. For a site that bills itself as more a side-dish, it has more than enough info to be a full meal (if you find legalese to be particularly tasty).”
– Net Impact Los Angeles


“Tristan created this nifty chatbot to help us become more knowledgable about legal matters.”
– Jackie Lam,

Some nice things people have said about Tristan Blaine, editor-in-chief of Law Soup:

“There are people who want to take your money, and there are those who genuinely want to help. I first met Tristan several years ago at a Freelancers Union SPARK meetup. He was super friendly, kind and helpful. I’ve seen him volunteer for different organizations around Los Angeles such as L.A. Chapter of Net Impact, and we would run into each other at impact investing mixers. And when I sat down with him a few years back to work on a freelancers agreement for my business, he took the time to make sure I understood all the legalese before sending my contract off to clients.” – Jackie Lam

“It really meant a lot to me when you responded to my email during my time of need and made that referral. In the end, btw, I sued my former employer for wrongful termination and discrimination and received a much larger settlement than I would have ever imagined. A lot of people never even returned my email/call. I had zero experience, had never been fired from a job, had never felt that I’d been discriminated against, at least, not like that, and had never sued anyone or taken on a legal situation alone. I can tell that you work hard at what you do and provide an important service to the public.” – Phillip G.

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