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American Capitalism Just Made a Major Change for the Better

Corporate America Says It Will Now Consider the Community in its Actions (What Took Them So Long?) A group of some of the largest companies in the country recently declared for the first time that they will consider the effects of their decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, and communities, in addition to shareholders. This announcement by the Business Roundtable could

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Yay We Now Have Net Neutrality! What is it? (4 Minute Explanation)

Young people college kids using internet

Big news today about the internet! It’s now going to stay pretty much the same. Um, what? Quick backstory. Since the internet became a thing, users have generally been able to access most websites without much interference from Internet Service Providers (or ISPs, like Verizon, AT&T, TimeWarner, etc). ISPs were providing their customers (you) with equal access and speed to

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Free-range: Not just for chickens, but our kids too? (Poll)

Free range children playing in field

Around the country, parents are increasingly being targeted by law enforcement and child services for purposely allowing their kids to wander off on their own to play or ride public transit, sometimes for hours at a time. Many of these parental choices are part of the so-called “Free-Range Kids” movement, which believes parents today are overprotective, inhibiting their kids’ emotional

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