Guide to Alternative Legal Services: Apps and Other Resources

This page is part of our Guide to Getting Legal Help.

The traditional legal profession is not meeting the needs of many Americans. New tech-enabled apps and other tools for legal help are emerging constantly to help increase access to justice. However, as many of these are new tools, and may not be properly tailored to your situation, they can potentially cause more trouble than they are worth. You should only use non-lawyer legal services if you are aware of the risks and willing to accept them.

Here are some resources that may be helpful to you:

If you have a complaint or dispute as a consumer, FairShake can help you resolve it and get compensation. No cost for you unless you win money.

Need documents prepared? For personal legal documents like wills, or business-related services like LLCs, there are numerous options, including LegalShield.

For help with certain civil cases like divorce, foreclosure, and debt collection, you can use Courtroom5. Also for help with prenup agreements, we recommend For help with divorce in certain states, there’s

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