Law News Digest – Week of March 15, 2015


Obama administration releases first major federal regulations on fracking: requires disclosure of chemicals used and allows government inspection of wells to ensure safety. The new rules only apply to lands owned by the federal government, yet the “vast majority” of fracking is done on private land.


Target proposes to pay up to $10,000 to each customer who proves losses due to massive data breach affecting up to 70 million people.


19 taxi companies in California are suing Uber for false advertising for Uber’s claim that it is “safer than a taxi.”

Oregon becomes first in the country to create “opt-out” voter registration rather than “opt-in.” Now, any time an Oregon resident obtains or renews a driver’s license or state ID card, he/she is automatically registered to vote, but can later request to be un-registered. NO Republicans voted for this change making it easier to vote.


A bill to fight human trafficking is stalled in Congress. Why? Republicans inserted a provision restricting government money from being used to fund abortions except in rare cases. Democrats refuse to accept the provision and are demanding Republicans remove it.

1st Amendment free speech win: Rapper accused of gang conspiracy charges for promoting violence through his lyrics. Court dismisses case.

Federal budget: Republican proposal includes repealing Obamacare and making major changes to government healthcare for seniors (Medicare) and poor (Medicaid). President Obama will almost certainly veto.

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