Law News Digest – Week of March 22, 2015


Woman suing high profile Silicon Valley venture capital firm for gender discrimination fails to convince jury, despite some evidence of “boy’s club” culture.

Ex-LAPD officer charged with murder allegedly fled to Mexico with father’s help. Father is now being charged with lying to federal officers about his involvement.

Police departments around the country are opening up their parking lots for safer craigslist transactions.


Indiana businesses now have legal right to discriminate against same-sex couples if business owners have a “religious objection.” Many call for boycotting the state, but Washington Post asks what about 19 other states that have similar laws?

California Attorney General moves to block clearly unconstitutional proposed ballot initiative that would allow killing of gays and lesbians.


U.S. military has charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with crime of desertion for his disappearance from an army base in Afghanistan in 2009. He ended up in Taliban hands, but was rescued in May of 2014 in a controversial prisoner exchange. He could face life in prison.


Utah now allows execution by firing squad if state cannot obtain lethal injection drugs. It becomes only the 2nd state to do so, after Oklahoma.


22 year old posted on Twitter that he will “beat the judge ass” if his judge didn’t give him probation. He was arrested later that day for threatening a public official.

Confederate flag on license plates: is it a matter of free speech for supporters or should the government be able to decide whether content is or isn’t appropriate for official plates? Supreme Court to take up the issue.

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