Class Actions

What is a “Class Action” and Why Should I Care?

For certain “minor” harms suffered, there is a mechanism which enables many people to combine similar claims, making it more feasible to get a remedy. This is called a class action. It is often used for consumer or employer issues.

You have almost certainly been part of a class action at some point, whether you realize it or not. You know all those data breaches in which a company gets hacked and your personal information is stolen? You’re probably not going to sue over that on your own. But when a few of the affected people get together and sue in a class action, they can get compensation for all of the (potentially millions) of affected people.

If the lawsuit is successful, the ones who actually pursue the legal action usually get more money than the passive plaintiffs. The passive plaintiffs may not get much – may $10, maybe $100 – but the process of claiming your piece of the compensation is generally as simple as filling out a short form.

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Find a lawyer to take on your class action. Generally you will not need to pay anything upfront – only if you win.

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