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We believe in having a financially sustainable business model, while helping as many people as possible, as well as protecting the environment. As a social enterprise, this is what Law Soup Media is all about.

Law Soup Media currently makes a small profit through book sales; sales of posters, organic cotton t-shirts, tote bags; workshops and other events; advertising; and partnerships and affiliates.

Here are our current partners and affiliates, which may compensate us if you purchase any product or services from these links. We also list some referral and promotional codes so you can save some money on various purchases, which also helps fund Law Soup Media. Thank you for supporting our mission to democratize the law!

And from time to time we also have our own promotions and discounts for Law Soup products, which we list here.

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Legal Help

General legal issues

Rocket Lawyer provides a lawyer to answer your question within minutes for a low flat fee. They also help with document preparation and other legal needs.

Consumer issues

If you have a complaint or dispute as a consumer, FairShake can help you resolve it and get compensation! No cost for you unless you win money.

Business legal issues

For business needs, you can find a great lawyer on UpCounsel and get $100 credit when you hire someone.

Other services

Small business banking: We use (and love) Novo, a FREE online checking account for small business that is super easy to set up and use!

Web hosting: We recently switched to SiteGround, and it’s much faster than our prior hosting service. Highly recommended!!

Other Promo Codes and Discounts

$20 off Google Fi – great cell phone service plan that can save you money

Free stock from Robinhood

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We are open to partnering in various ways. Contact us to discuss further.

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