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H&M Used a Graffiti Artist’s Illegal Work Without the Artist’s Consent. Can They Do That?

Bite-size Summary of Legal Issue Question: Can a company use a graffiti artist’s work without the artist’s permission, if the graffiti was done illegally? Answer: The courts haven’t decided yet. H&M, no stranger to controversy, is yet again in trouble in the “court of public opinion.” What did they do this time? The retailer used graffiti art as a backdrop

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Can Sony Prevent the Media from Publishing Hacked Emails? Probably Not.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Lot Entrance

Sony is desperately trying to put a lid on the embarrassing emails that were hacked recently (though most of the damage has probably been done). Through its lawyers, the company sent a letter to various media outlets telling them they are not allowed to publish any of the documents or information, including emails, stolen in the hack. The entertainment giant is threatening lawsuits if the media

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RIGHT OF THE DAY: Quickly have your scandalous photos removed from the internet

YOUR RIGHT OF THE DAY: Websites that show your* photos (or other content you own) without your permission must quickly remove them when you send them a valid “takedown notice.”1Digital Millennium Copyright Act Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities whose photos were hacked and leaked on the internet are taking advantage of this relatively easy to use legal tool to get these photos taken down. Thanks to

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